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Hello all you gorgeous brides to be! BIG congrats on your engagement. Isn’t love grand? I’m a total sucker for love stories. They just give me all the feels! So many amazing and beautiful moments are headed your way. I would love to hear all about your sweet love story in the comments.

I’m so thrilled you landed here with me! I can’t wait to help you navigate this exciting (and probably overwhelming) time too. Lets take a deep breath together and dive right into all the questions that are most likely swirling around in your head. But first….

Disclaimer 1: time is your friend in the wedding game. Really! The more you pace yourself, do the research, ask all the questions, have all the important discussions with your partner, the easier and more relaxed everything will flow. Promise!

Disclaimer #2: this is YOUR day. Everyone is there to celebrate YOU. What’s important to the both of you? Grab a coffee or dinner with your love and have this exact conversation. Talk it out thoroughly (and politely!) so you are on the same page. Then the planning excitement (yes I said excitement!) begins. Woohoo!

Ok ready? Lets dive right in and get you started on planning your stress free wedding!

Must do first steps

First priority: Set a budget. This is SO important for your sanity! Every wedding decision you make will revolve around your budget. Not only will setting a budget help you narrow down your vendor and venue choices, it will also save you from wedding scope creep. Trust me when I say weddings can add up VERY quickly. You don’t want to start your marriage journey in serious debt. Check out this free wedding budget resource for further guidance:

2nd most important to do: Choose your venue. This will eat a decent amount into your budget (about 30% to 50%, including catering too) and not all venues are created equal! There are many factors to consider in your venue choice: is it all inclusive (which usually includes catering, drinks, tables, linens, chairs, coordination, and a preferred vendor list) OR is it facility rental only (which means YOU will be responsible for bringing in all of your vendors and needs). Make sure you research each venue’s options and also schedule an in person walk through. I recommend bringing a list of questions to ask each venue and to take great notes. Does the thought of thinking about all of the above freak you out? Then you need to hire a wedding planner. Which brings me to the next important decisions you will need to make:

Vendor services & tips:

A wedding planner is all about logistics. Their job is to keep you on schedule and budget. They will be with you from the very beginning of your wedding planning (called full planning) or partway through (called partial planning). If you hire them for full planning, they will will do venue search, vendor referrals, design assistance, meetings, scheduling, and more. Partial planning is for couples taking charge of their wedding, but who need extra support and guidance to finalize their plans and vision.

A wedding coordinator is with you on your wedding day. Their duties include: rehearsal walk through, final vendor confirmation and communication, wedding timeline creation, and vendor management. Did you know this is one of the services I offer? Check out the 3 MAJOR services I offer right here: If you have hired a Wedding Planner, this service will most likely be covered for you. The main difference between wedding planners and coordinators is that a Wedding Planner has an active part in the planning process leading up to the day. A wedding coordinator focuses solely on managing the day of logistics.

A wedding designer/decorator specializes in all the aesthetics and style of your big day. They will create a design that is truly reflective of you as a couple. Their specialty is to really hone in on your vision and bring it to life! They will collaborate with your vendors to ensure the overall design and style is cohesive and flows seamlessly. They are the bells and whistles, the icing on the cake, the ooh la la of your day 🙂 Some designers and decorators, like me, include florals as part of your design package.

Now that you’ve set your budget, secured your venue and hired a planner/designer/decorator: Give yourself a giant high 5 because that’s literally the hardest part!

Photographer: You want to make sure you have amazing photos of your wedding day. In my professional opinion, this should be one of your top budget items! Really price shop around to see how much bang you can get for your budget. Make sure their style vibes with your vision. Compare your own research results with any that your wedding planner might recommend too. They have to feel and fit right with you.

Florists: are amazing! Just know that this is one area where price can easily skyrocket. Are you wanting florals everywhere and anywhere possible? Count on a hefty price tag for that! Some important things to consider to help save on cost: 1. Almost all florists have a minimum and that price can vary greatly between florists. Make sure you research to see who is the best fit within your budget 2. In season flowers will always be cheaper. If a florist has to source out of season flowers plan on spending a pretty penny 3. Use flowers in places where they have the most impact: like your gorgeous bouquet, aisle entry (or down the aisle), any ceremony structure, and your special sweetheart table. Have your heart set on table flowers too? Small bundles of flowers in textured vases of varying sizes is a stunning and inexpensive way to add some floral design to your tables. Bigger isn’t always better and remember large scale florals will increase your costs.

Whew we made it through to the end! Yahoo! Still reeling? No problem. Here’s a concise recap for you:

  1. Set Budget and be realistic about what you can afford!
  2. Decide if you are hiring a wedding planner and whether you want them to help with your venue search.
  3. Choose Venue and know all the details of what they will provide you with so you can share this with your planner.
  4. If you’ve hired a planner: go over their vendor lists with them to see if they are who you want to use and if they align with your vision. Do you want a more specialized designer/decorator? I’d be honored to serve you!
  5. Looking for your own vendors outside of the planner’s list? Take your time to research. Top priority hires: your designer/decorator, photographer and florist. They will be the wow factors for your wedding day. Secure them early!

I hope that I’ve helped reduce any stress and given you a clearer direction on the important steps and order of securement. You’ve got this!

I would LOVE to design and decorate the wedding of your dreams. Afterall, beauty is in all the little details! and I happen to specialize in them. Connect with me here to get started on your dream wedding: Trust me, you will be SO happy you did!

Remember to pace yourself and try to enjoy your wedding planning journey. You are marrying the love of your life after all! Lots of love and well wishes on this next chapter in your life!



April 13, 2023

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