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Are you Bride Tribe ready?

Brides, are you bride tribe ready for your wedding day? Did you know that you have not one, but two amazing assets on your wedding day that are there to serve you: your coordinator and your bride tribe. Your coordinator is serving you by making sure all the details of your wedding are being handled flawlessly and efficiently so you can fully focus on YOU. We literally spin in circles so you don’t have tošŸ˜‰Did you know I offer this major service at a very competitive and reasonable rate? Read more about how Chasing Joy Creations can manage a stress free and amazingly executed day for you here:

Don’t forget about your amazing bride tribe you have asked to be by your side on your special day! They are not only there to love and support you, but also to serve you in any way that will help you feel calm and extra loved up. I always recommend to my brides that they really lean in to their bride tribes and delegate a little wedding day task to each of them. Trust me when I say they really want to make your day so relaxing and helpful!!

How to get Bride Tribe ready

Here’s some bride tribe tasks to delegate that will make you feel more at ease and keep you covered on your big day:

1. Hydration – make sure a bestie has you covered. Trust me this is often forgotten because of nerves etc and it is so important. You don’t want a migraine before your big moment!

2. some kind of light munchies – crackers are a must as the carbs help with energy and an upset stomach if you are too nervous to fully eat. Cheese or fruit is also a great addition

3. Coffee or tea drinker? A small cup midway through your day might be just what you need

4. Music – is there a certain playlist that makes you feel relaxed? make sure your bestie knows

5 Video memories from that day- bride tribe messages to you/all the early wild fun and chaos of getting ready together. The laughs, tears and everything in between. Not everyone hires a videographer. Put a bestie on this duty. No photo can ever replace those precious unfiltered video captures

6. A Runner- need to check in with your fiance about anything? Forgot something? Have a question for your coordinator or need their assistance with something? This is the perfect task for a bestie. Let them call, text, or handle this communication for you. Let them be the go between so you can just sit back and relax.

Looking for even more ways your bride tribe can serve you on your wedding day? Check out more details here:

Remember, your bride tribe=your people=all the lovešŸ„°Let them love you up well!

Your bride tribe is there to love and support you, and to serve you in any way that will help you feel calm and extra loved up.

April 30, 2024

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