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Weddings and Reflections on 24 Years

Something about weddings gives me all the feels.  I felt this way on my own special day, and I have genuinely felt it in each ceremony I have ever been witness to. Maybe its the excitement and adventure of a new chapter of life emerging, a chapter full of love and promises in its purest, raw state…..untouched by life’s lemons, curveballs or challenges that human growth can present as we ebb and flow through the years, both individually and together. It’s a day completely dedicated to giving and celebrating love (insert all the heart emojis here)! I don’t know about you, but I think we could use more days like this in the world.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing all the love feels all over again at my niece’s wedding and also our nephew’s wedding. So thrilled they both found their perfect match, in spirit and love. Truly a blessing! Prior to these special days, I hadn’t been to a wedding in years. Sitting with my husband beside me, I couldn’t help but tear up and smile at the beautiful new chapter of love beginning, whilst also reflecting on the depth of our many marital years traveled together. So many beautiful, challenging, loving, adventurous, emotional years together. Ebbing and flowing together and apart, as a team and individuals. The beauty of love will always find a way to shine through anything if we continue to cultivate it, look for it, and allow it.

Weddings by Chasing Joy Creations blossomed from my own witnessing and reflections on the beautiful, cherished moments love brings to our lives. The days that linger in our memories forever and take our breath away. As I was soaking up all the feelings of these precious weddings, all the beautiful little details that give these moments their ambiance, I was overcome with the desire to create. To create something that would add to the joy, charm, and love of future weddings. Lots of brainstorming, creating, and many country love songs later, my unique wedding line emerged.

If you are a bride or groom reading this: a BIG congrats on your upcoming celebration of love! I would be so honored to be part of your day. I’ll help you make your special day as beautiful as your love!

If you are married and reading this: congrats on your BIG accomplishment of continuing to walk side by side. It really is rare these days. Keep choosing each other through anything and everything.

On September 5, we celebrated 24 years of marriage and I couldn’t be prouder of us. We’ve created a wonderful family and many amazing memories along the way. It hasn’t always been easy or pretty. In fact the last 5 years have been the most challenging for us, for many different reasons. Yet here we still are, standing side by side, always choosing each other. 

 P.S. The day we chose each other forever

January 31, 2023

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